John Gambino’s Bully Pulpit: Thoughts of Unity for this Labor Day

To All:

What a storm! What devastation.

Yet what a great spirit of unity on display as our best spirits come out when our neighbor needs a helping hand.

The following was written by Tony Coscia, a retired mariner, prior to the events surrounding Hurricane Harvey:

“Saw an article in Newsday about how more than 80 people banded together to form a human chain in Panama City, Florida to save a family of 6 and other rescuers caught in a riptide. All were saved.

I am sure these rescuers were from all races and political opinion.   White, Black, Hispanic and others. Straight, gay, bisexual. Die hard conservatives and extreme progressives. Some couldn’t even swim.

Yet they all locked arms to save strangers because that’s what Americans do.

With all the problems in the world, it’s nice to know our fellow citizens can still band together to act as one in times of emergency. We certainly could use this cooperation now. Maybe we can all step back and reflect on the many things that unite us rather than the few things that divide us. We are all God’s children and share a common humanity.”

 I could not say it better.

This Labor Day, take some time out to pray for our fellow Americans in Texas, Louisiana and all the other places that have a populace that is suffering. It is fellowship and unity that keeps hope alive.

Enjoy your BBQ, your time with family and friends.

As always, keep in mind our brave servicemen here and around the globe, our police and fire fighters, EMT’s and all that willingly put themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe. Thank God we have such people in our lives.

I leave you with a humorous link regarding Harvey..

All the best



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