MYP Needs Teens, Team & Locations By Tom Leavens

“If you’re reading this article, you’re the right person for the job!” 

The MYP is close to celebrating our 45th year in existence—isn’t that truly amazing? We (and I mean everyone that has ever stepped into a MYP event) have been able to keep a Catholic youth program alive & vibrant: from parish support to ’bring a friend’ to a Day; from word of mouth to our MYP Alumni sending family & friends. There is no other program like the MYP. 

The current Team is very dedicated to keeping the MYP going because we believe there’s a need for it.  In the early MYP days, events would have over 60 teens for a full Sunday, with Mass. Today, events are held on Friday evenings for a few hours with less teens & that’s not a bad thing— we’re still doing the work that God calls us to & we’ve adapted to what teens can commit to.

So what do we need?  We need our MYP Community to respond!  We need people that feel called to Catholic youth ministry to join our Team.  We need the MYP Community to bring your teens & their friends to experience this great program.  We need connections in parishes to allow us to meet for our events—the parishes need to recognize that the MYP is still doing great work with teens, the future of the Church.

If I have touched your heart in some way with my words, please reach out to me and let’s see how you can help. All gifts are welcomed at the MYP (as it always has been).  Most importantly, please keep the MYP in your prayers as we keep you in ours!  Thank you for all that you do!