MYP COFFEEHOUSE IS COMING!!! APRIL FOOL’S DAY! – April 1, 2017 at St. Mel’s Church

The MYP Coffeehouse is coming soon! It has become such a staple for our teens, our program— in my house! Whenever you talk about Coffeehouse, it always brings a smile. I remember when we first came up with the idea of doing it—a fundraiser, a way to utilize the talents of our Team & teens, a away to build our MYP Community. It is an annual event that brings so much fun to everyone who attends.

Everything has evolved since the first Coffeehouse. Diana Roach & Marty Weinbaum create a band that is so entertaining & awesome! Cathy Weinbaum takes our theme & creates decorations with so much love & care—so much energy goes into using the right images & props. Dina DePaola organizes the refreshments that provide the right amount of sweetness to the night—with John Fodera, Eileen Haggerty & Barbara Younger running a tight ship in the  kitchen. The prizes are always so great—Jen McComiskey coordinates donations, makes new connections every year & acquires the right items for beautiful baskets—we hope to see every table take something home. Laurie Hallick brings everything together = T-shirts, ticket sales/table assignments, program—most importantly, she keeps all of us grounded & ready. And the show cannot happen without all the wonderful technical work—Gary McComiskey (with the equipment donation from his family) puts in tireless hours to make wonderful touches to the overall event with sound & video projections. Ben Fabrizi lights us up with great care—making the show look like a real performance.

So why do I love the Coffeehouse? I love to see everyone there! It’s the one night that can bring back all of my MYP friends—teens that gave so much to me & the program; Team Members who I worked together with on so many powerful MYP events; friends & family members of the MYP who still support the program.

What can I do to convince you to attend? First, I invite you to a really fun night—trust me, you will be entertained! Second, we need to see you there—the MYP wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! Finally, I am confident in saying that God wants you there— with the community where you ‘ve seen Him so many times before. MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!