Writing from the Heart

By Rosie S.

I appreciate all of the time and effort my parents put into me going to church because I decided, with the help of the Module, to keep the church in my life as a teen. I don’t think I would have been as successful as I am now without God in my life. I truly believe God is my number one fan and He is the one who can make anything possible. He gives us 365 days a year and I strongly believe I can give him at least 1 hour a week devotion. Now I am completing my masters in Special Education and currently teach students with severe autism in a New York City public school. I enjoy what I do and thank God for giving me each day. Throughout my 4 years with the Module, I have had many good times. There have been times where I was confused or angry with something happening in my life and the MYP team members were there to offer their ear to my dilemmas. The one thing that has stood out in my mind when I think about the MYP is the personal reflections and ‘talks’ that the team members gave. No matter who gave the talk each day, I took part of it and part of them, with me. There was a talk given by P.J in my Sophomore year that stood out in my mind because he was not afraid to get emotional or share his true feelings during it. Everyone’s talks are so personal and I give them credit for sharing those stories with us. They are really strong people and wonderful role models. All of the talks really ‘hit home.’ We were never talked down to, like most people do to teens today, but rather talked with us as if we were on the same level. The support and encouragement given to me by the team and my friends at the MYP was inspiring.

I recently went back to visit for Christmas Day at St. Mel’s and I cannot even begin to explain what it felt like as soon as I entered the doors of the cafeteria. There were so many team members that rushed over to welcome me. It felt like I never left. Staying for the mass and the pot luck supper was a great experience also. It was so nice to reminisse with everyone. I truly enjoyed myself.

I can honestly say that the MYP played a major role in my adolescent years. The program kept many kids off the streets and back into the Church. I truly give the MYP credit for keeping my spirituality alive until today. It is a wonderful program and I was lucky to be part of it.