What Will 2019 Mean to the MYP? By Tom Leavens

It is a blessing, a miracle, most unheard, that a Catholic youth program has been in existence for 45 years!  The MYP has been that blessing, miracle, GIFT for all these years! How has it survived? I believe that it is because God wants it—needs it—here. I wasn’t fortunate enough to be a teen in the FMYP.  I was invited to join the team in 1984 but I can’t imagine what my life would be without the MYP. I have been challenged to give talks about myself & my life. I have been challenged to talk about a faith that I work on everyday. I have been a part of small group discussions where I always heard something new about the lives of young people. I learned how to push myself in areas that made me uncomfortable= skits, trust walks, music videos, singing/dancing. I have been on retreats that I received infinitely more than I gave. I met some of the greatest people the world has given us—people who change people’s lives by just being themselves. People who changed my life forever!

As I continue to be part of this wonderful program, I’m still experiencing the same things today as the day I first joined. I speak to my MYP family members every single day—cards, social media, phone calls, in my home! So many memories, tears, laughter (most of all). As I announce the plans for the 45th Anniversary celebration, please share with me your thoughts, feelings & experiences so they can be part of the celebration. Pictures, memorabilia, anything you have from your MYP years would be great to share! Thank you for all you do for the MYP—you’ve changed my life by being a part of it. YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND!