Tributes to Joe Roach from the MYP Community

Tom Leavens It is with great, great sadness for me to tell you that our friend (the reason we are the MYP family), Joe Roach, was welcomed into heaven yesterday morning. He was blessed to be in his home & surrounded by his beautiful family. This program, all of you, meant so much to Joe. For me, the world is a little more darker without him. A memorial service will be planned in the future to celebrate his great life & legacy. Please keep Irene, Chris, Alysoun, Diana, Vicki, Walter, Tom, Gabriella, Ian, Luke & Collin in your prayers.

Shauna Kathleen So sad to hear 😭 always brought so much light to the program. My prayers are with everyone. 💖

Kelly Donnelly I am so very sorry. Praying for his family.

Aileen Roginski He saw potential in so many young people and believed in them/us. His legacy will live on in all of us. May he Rest In Peace.

Melissa Madden I am speechless. Joe and Irene and the entire Roach family have been in my prayers. May all the good memories of Joe bring his family and the MYP family comfort. He touched of all our lives. God bless him and the Roach family.

Kathy Sorrentino Heaven just got a little smarter! Wonderful man, kind, funny, insightful, brilliant, compassionate. I could go on and on. God bless his family. I became a better person and Catholic for knowing and learning from Mr. Joe Roach.

Patti Kelly McLaughlin We are so sorry to hear this.

Sheila Glickman Heaven is richer because Joe is there. My heart breaks for Irene and the rest of the family and I know their faith, Jesus and the motherly heart of Mary will carry them through. No one can ever replace Joe, of that I’m sure. Well done good and faithful servant. Give George and Gerry hugs and kisses from me.❤️🙏🏻

Laura Marro Greene The gates of heaven are open wide for Joe receiving his reward for a job well done.

Margaret Rigney I’m so sorry to hear this. The entire Roach family is in my prayers. ❤️

Lisa Wrzesc Chelius He was a great man. So sorry to hear of his passing. Sending much love to the Roach family. May he rest in peace.

Cathy Bischoff Weinbaum I am heartbroken. Joe was a mentor and a friend and so much more. There are no words.

Colm Reilly May he Rest In Peace. ❤️

Joseph Barone I am so sorry to hear this. My prayers are with his family and everyone whose lives he’s touched.

KerinMegan Carty-Kriegsman Deepest sympathy 🙏💕☘️ I’m at a loss for words 🙏

Yasmine Legendre May he rest in peace. I am so sorry to learn this.

Nicole Perkins Heaven did just get smarter. Prayers for the entire roach family

Theresa Merring I am so sorry my prayers to the family I will miss him very much

Michael Fletcher My condolences and prayers.

Ed Tracey Love and peace to the Roach family. Heaven has gained a spiritual giant.

Gio Messale God bless Joe!

Irene Merring This is very sad news! Joe changed so many of our lives, including my own! He will be truly missed!

Dina DePaola I am heartbroken. I will always treasure the last time I was with him and the time I spent working with Joe at MYP. Always greeted me with the warmest sincerest smile. You couldn’t help but be captivated by him when he spoke about his faith, stories and especially his family!! I will forever miss him. My deepest condolences & love to the entire Roach family. He is at peace in heaven and that comforts me!🙏🙏❤❤

Steve London As anyone who knows me knows, I am seldom if ever at a loss for words, but I am practically speechless…as I’ve told the story many many times before, Joe and Irene recruited me and many of my fellow St. Mel’s folk group members during the 1976-77 school year and it was one of the best experiences of my life to be a teen and then a team member for the MYP; I actually was in it several times and towards the end, my wife joined me as a team member and it gave us an even deeper and richer experience of the group… No day, no retreat, no gathering, etc. would ever have been the same without Joe… His intelligence, his wit, his wisdom, his strength, and his faith was the bed rock and foundation of what this group has become since its inception 47 years ago, and like all of you I’m sure, I can’t think of the MYP without him but he will certainly be looking down on all of us and all the stories he will have for every one up there… Mary Kay and I send our prayers and condolences and thoughts to Irene and the whole family…we love you and we already missed you all this time but now even more so 😔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Margaret Ruocchio-Ippolito This makes me so sad. Joe was a truly good, caring person. My heart goes out to Irene, Diana, Alison and Chris. I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Nan Adams I can just hear Jesus saying. “ hey Joe. It’s time to come home.” And Joe being Joe said “ok.” Then he got there and in Joe fashion said. “It’s very nice. A little different than I expected, but very nice.” Then Joe heard I was praying for him. And Joe being Joe, laughed and said “Nan. I am where I always hoped to be. Please pray for my beautiful family on earth. Would you tell them I love them!? And would you tell them I’m ok? And would you tell the module, I’ll be sending them a word to look up soon, I need to first settle in?” And 44 years later I said “ok joe, anything else?” He smiled and in that smiled I was again reminded, I have a friend.

Maria Verrilli Joe, was a gift from God. He touched so many people. He will be missed. Prayers for the family.🙏

Daniel Hartnett Prayers. We have a good friend in heaven.

Deirdre Carroll Noonan Such very sad news. All that have been touched by the lives of Joe and Irene and the whole Roach family know that Joe has been welcomed into God’s arms. For the family left behind, my prayers are with you!

Connie Barone It’s a tremendous loss – he has left such a legacy 💔

Christopher Urena RIP Joe you were a great inspiration and definitely helped me open my heart to the lord. The world will cry for you my friend but heaven has definitely gained one heck of an angel! ❤️🙏🏻

Maureen Senk Prayers for Joe’s family. A great man who touched so many lives will surely be welcomed into heaven.

Patrick Burke I am so sorry to hear this. This hurts. I will never forget his kindness, his gentle good humor, his calming demeanor. His genuine affection for people was a gift not given to many, and he will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace Joe, and thank you for everything.

Jess LaPenta This is heartbreaking.. my heart goes out to his loving family 💕

Jean Bena Pedri I am so sorry for such a sad lost. He was an incredible human being and inspired so many.

David Poole All of us were blessed to have known Joe and for his unending desire to bring us all together as friends and as a community who believes! I am forever grateful for his friendship and example of how life is about giving to one another. My thoughts and prayers go out to Irene and the Roach family at this time as well as to our MYP family.

Joe Leone So sorry to hear about this. My family and I send prayers to his family. It was an honor to know such an incredible and inspirational man.

Dawn Attanasio He will be missed by many. He impacted so many lives! He provided a safe place for teens and adults to worship in a loving community.

Lorraine Kelly I am so saddened by the loss of Joe’s life here on Earth but I am comforted that he is surely in Heaven and taking notes for some fine “talks” he will be giving there. His deep love for his religion and his great faith and intellect were always an inspiration. He was one of the finest people I have ever met. Meeting him when I was 15 years old changed my life. I know he touched the lives of countless others in the same way. My love and prayers to his beautiful family and may they be comforted by the memory of his love for them. 🙏💔

Providence DeRosa What had news to hear. I am so very sorry. My condolences and prayers are with the entire family. My memories of him were that he was such a kind and gentle and caring soul. May he rest in peace.

Carolyn Macari-Galante Joe was the reason for the MYP and a mentor to so many. Prayers storming heaven because of the person he was.❤️

Katherine Rice Hamski What a wonderful man. We all loved him as he all loved us.

Kathleen Smith Taz and I, like so many others, were enriched by your friendship and love Joe. Rest well good and faithful servant❤️

Philipp Bischoff I am so deeply saddened to hear of Joe’s passing. There is so much I should say, but I cannot find the words. I know Jesus was there with his arms open, welcoming him to his deserved rest. I am so very sorry for the loss his family faces. I pray that God grant them peace and healing. I’m just crushed.

Darlene Attanasio-Schmitt A warm smile and a big hug every time you saw him. He gave so much to so many young adults in his faith. I was so lucky to be a party of MYP. My love to the entire Roach.

Rosemary Blocher I am so sorry to hear of Joe’s passing. I am praying for his family as they process his loss. I remember his smile and his kindness.

Melissa Hojnacki I’m so sorry to hear of Joe’s passing. My prayers are with his family during this difficult time. May he rest in eternal peace 😔🙏

Peggy Bergin A life fully and well lived …Joe used his life to help others live better and more fully. This is a legacy he leaves in me and so many. Rest In Peace, dear Joe.

Marisa Pennacchia Campbell What an enormous loss. Joe and MYP shaped my young adulthood and gave me a place to be myself. He created a legacy, and he will never be forgotten. Sending all my love.

Timothy M Tracey May God Bless him and may his eternal light shine bright upon his face and upon his family and fill them with his love as Joe filled all of us with his love and laughter. Rest now my friend and watch over your family happily from the Kingdom of God.

Missy Prainito Such a wonderful man he will be missed

Anthony S Ercolano Now we all “got a friend” praying for us in the very presence of the Holy One.

Dawn Sullivan I am so so sorry to hear that. Sending condolences to the whole family and his MYP family and his heavenly family!!! Please let me know when you do this!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Andrea Lowes I am so very sad to hear this news. Joe, Irene, and the MYP were such a huge and important part of my life as a teenager in the program and as an adult lucky enough to be a part of such a tremendous team. I will always remember Joes genuine love for people, his kind heart, and unwavering faith. His legacy will live on in all those who were blessed to know him.

Amy Eldredge I am forever changed for the better, as are so many others, for having known Joe. He was my friend, mentor, and spiritual teacher. I can think of so many times when he said special kind words to me. He was so thoughtful and generous. I know you are with God my friend! Praise be the Lord!

Lisette Clark How deeply sad. Joe was so full of love and he left a legacy of that in his family and the MYP. My thoughts and prayers are with all those that were touched by his light.

Debbie Marro Turczan I’m so so sorry to hear this. Rest In Peace, Joe. Thank you. Sending love to the Roach family.

Laura Brennan Rest In Peace Joe. He was a beautiful man and lived a wonderful life. I will never forget him. ❤️

Aida Ruocchio-Ophals In the last 24 hours so many great memories have flooded my brain and heart–Joe and Irene recruited me when I was working in St. Mel’s teen club–from that day my whole life took on a new urgency and mission. Thank you Irene and Joe for all you did and still do.

Ali Reitmann Washer Prayers to the whole family and MYP. He touched so many people’s lives and showed such kindness to all.

Patricia Marie My thoughts and prayers with the family! He was truly a vessel for Jesus for us young teens back in our High School days. Thank you so very much for all the wise spiritual lessons I learned from you Joe and your whole family! xoxo

Marty Weinbaum I have enjoyed every conversation I ever had with Mr. Roach (yes I always called him that). He has enlightened me in so many ways. Intelligent and always teaching, smiling and making others smile with him, friendly and always there as a friend. May the four winds blow you safely home!

Ben Fabrizi Just smiling remembering those Epic Sing-a-longs. What a man….Godspeed.

Marilena Minucci My last conversation with Joe was so positive and uplifting and I am so glad to know I had the chance to express my gratitude for all he and Irene contributed to the path of my life and the many many gifts they gave me and all of us. They were among my first mentors. He was a man of such steadfast faith. He will be so very missed….I shall always remember him smiling, his kind words, the hours talking with him… and the space he gave you to just be and express yourself. I know he will continue to be a presence in the Module as the legacy moves continues. Blessings on your new adventures, Joe and so much love to Irene and the entire Roach family. Love never ever dies.

Gary McComiskey As a student at St. John’s University, I had Joe Roach as my Christian Marriage professor. One day, probably during Lent, the subject of Good Friday came up. As I’m sure you know, we Catholics are required to fast and abstain from meat on this day. Joe pointed out to that class of (many underage) college students that there was no restriction on what you could drink, and that, in his youth, he and his friends took full advantage of that loophole to pass the time. On this Good Friday, you may opt to cope with your circumstances as he did all those years ago. Should that be the case, please drink a toast to our dear friend Joe. Departed from this world, but alive in each one of us.

Michelle Merring Joe was an amazing person. I knew him to be kind, patient, wise and full of love and laughter. He was the example of what being a good person is. He cared so deeply for his family and for his MYP family. I can’t even count the ways his influence has changed me for the better. I’m so sad for us. We will miss his light and his joy. But I know Joe is with God, smiling and will still be looking out for us. Sending my love and condolences to the Roach family. I wish I could be there to grieve with you, and know you are in my prayers.