The Latest News from Former MYP Team Member Mary (Bailey) Kerner Shared By Tom Leavens

When Mary Bailey contacted me to say she & her husband, Jim, were unable to attend the MYP 45th Anniversary celebration, I asked her to share an update on what’s going on in her life.  The following is Mary’s response:

Hi Tommy

I can not believe that you want to hear about our live in New Jersey.

So I decided to recap the last month to give you a taste of what happens here across the George Washington Bridge.

On the medical front,  Jim had seven doctor appointments with doctors and three imaging tests at a hospital.

On the fun side of life,  I went to the Cloisters in upper Manhattan.  We both went to the American Jewish Museum at 36 Battery Place in Manhattan to see an exhibit about  Auschwitz.    We were in that museum for about  4 ½ hours.    We also went to the Mahwah Museum in Mahwah, New Jersey.   They had an exhibit about the Golden Spike which is the anniversary of the first Trans Continental Rail Road in the United States. That goes to Jimmy’s interest in trains and Transportation.

I do bible study at a church in Tenafly, New Jersey.  That church was 150 years old that they had a fancy dinner which I attended.

I am the Vice President of the Rosary Society of St. John’s.  Have been for about 11 years.   So   there was a Rosary Meeting.  This month we had our bake sale so I was at a table selling cakes.   We made $584 which  we send to the retired sisters (nuns) in Connecticut. 

I am on the Women’s Cornerstone Team so I attended some meetings in planning that retreat.

I am an alter server at funeral masses here in my parish.   So I did served one funeral mass this month. 

I am a Eucharistic Minister in my parish so I am on call every second Sunday.   Also,  every Sunday morning for 9 years now I volunteer at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck and bring communion to those patients.   The number is usually between 20 – 45 people depending on how full the hospital is with Catholics.    Also, on Sunday I bring Communion to a home bound family.  I have been doing that for about a year and a half. 

This month the hospital had their volunteer dinner which I attended.  I love the shrimp cocktail.

Jimmy is still a big fan of trains and transportation issues.   So about once a month he goes to Manhattan for that interest. 

They show films at our library once a week.  This month I saw Bohemian Rhapsody (The Queen movie) and Mary  Queen of Scots.

I have a group of  friends who get together and read the bible.  Right now, we are reading the Book of Daniel.   We have been doing this together for about 14 years. We get together on a Friday evening once a month. 

My niece had her first child in January of this year.  They live in the state of Maine.   And we met the baby girl as the family came to New Jersey for the week.   That was beautiful, terrific and probably the best thing to happen this month.  

I am the Secretary on my condo board where I live.  We had a meeting this month with the management company.  And also, me and another board member walked around our property which is 108 units and discussed landscaping.

I help a senior citizen on Saturday’s.  I take here food shopping mostly. She pays me for the time.  The referral came from  my doctor’s office.  I use to help take care of another senior for about 2 years a couple of hours a day.  She passed away at age 93 and the three of  us who helped take care of her – she was able to stay in her home.    So, I developed a gift for this type of stuff which is why I think the doctor’s office recommended me for this one.  But, she is not a happy woman so I pray for her –  sad to be so alone – and unhappy.

I try to keep busy and as long as I can I will.

That is a recap of life with Jim and Mary Kerner from Bergenfield, New Jersey.    While all of the guys are enjoying your reunion I hope you share the good stories,  the memorial ones – the ones that never leave you.   I remember all of you fondly and it brings a smile to my face when I recall all of the good work that we did together.  But most of  all, it is all of the good people I know because of the module.

I will be on vacation at Vermont and New Hampshire and that is why I can not attend. 

Bye for now and thanks for wanting to know what Jim and Mary Kerner do with their time.

Blessings and God’s love to all of the module people.

Regards,  Mary K