MYP Virtual Day—Friday, April 24, 2020 via Zoom Conferencing By Tom Leavens

On Friday, April 24, 2020, the MYP hosted their first virtual event by Zoom Conferencing. Due to the current ‘pause’ in New York, our annual Teen Retreat had to be cancelled. In lieu of that sad decision, the MYP Team created an MYP event that possessed most of the elements of our Days. It was so creative to work with a team that knows what needs to be done and still bring God’s love and presence to our teens! Nineteen team & teens joined the call.

The event was rectored by Tom Leavens and the Team members were Nan Adams, Cathy Bischoff Weinbaum, Marilu Capobianco, Dina DePaola, Eileen Haggerty, Megan McComiskey & Diana Roach. When everyone was connected to the video call, the teens were presented with a Scavenger Hunt where they had to run through their house to locate & retrieve items. After some time, everyone presented what they found (i.e. hats, toys, toilet paper, sanitizer). The hats were used over the course of the event where we all changed them periodically. We then had a Team Talk where team shared one particular blessing they experienced since the pandemic started. This was followed by a Large Group Discussion where the teens shared their feelings & experiences over the last few weeks.

In honor of what would have been our Retreat, we had some ‘Virtual Retreat Fun’ – Chair Dancing led by Diana Roach, a Staring Contest, Funniest Face Contest & an acapella song from MYP Teen Sarah Pavan. This could not replace the craziness of Saturday Night Entertainment on Retreat but it definitely put some smiles on our faces!

The evening concluded with a Prayer Service & petitions. Our May Event will be a Virtual Event as well but at least we’re coming together!