MYP Teen Retreat at St. Josaphat’s Retreat House, Glen Cove, NY —May 5-7, 2017

The teens were challenged by talks from Team Members Gary McComiskey, Dina DePaola, Jean Bena (new to our Team), Megan McComiskey & Diana Roach. We were fortunate to have Irene & Joe Roach bring Fr. Bob Lauder to us on Saturday to celebrate Mass. Also, we received extra help from Eileen Haggerty, Laurie Hallick & John Fodera. Activities for the Small Groups included: creating a newspaper/poster for the “MYP Good News” and a recorded newscast; rewriting the Nicene Creed in their own words; a deep discussion on unconditional love; attending various prayer & meditation stations; and small group discussions. The recurring activity was adding personal symbols to a cross-shaped box that each teen took home with them. Our Committees did a great job with organizing our Enter-tainment, Mass & Prayer needs. I’ll have more pictures to share in our next newsletter.
On the Retreat, Joe Roach told us that May 6th was the 44th anniversary of the first MYP Day (Search Day). It was held at St. Michael’s Church in Flushing, NY. How amazing it is that this program is still alive and well for so many years—using the same format—and so needed for our teens today!
Thank you to everyone who supports the MYP through their actions and prayers!