MYP Starts It’s 45th Year! By Tom Leavens

When I was in college, my friend, Nan Adams, used to talk about this program called the Module. I had no idea what it was—but it must have been important because Nan told stories about retreats, Days, Team Members, and all the people she knew from it. I was a Team Member for the Christian Awakening Program at the time—I couldn’t imagine another program as great as St. Paul’s. In the summer of 1984, Mary Adamo contacted me and said that she nominated me to the MYP team & asked if I would be interested. So me and my best friend, Tom Hannan, attended our first MYP Team General Meeting in the Roach’s living room in September 1984. The room was full of people—young & more mature. It was filled with planning & discussion & some arguing. Every once in a while, someone would throw advice at Tommy & me. By the end of the meeting, I agreed to be a part of something that has totally changed my life for good. The MYP introduced me to some of my best friends that I consider family; it educated me about my faith & who God is in my life. It has made me laugh, cry, sing, act in crazy skits—it has made me confident & pushed me out of my comfort zone to be more than settling for ordinary. Here I am, 34 years later, still part of this program that I know changes people’s lives. I share this with you as the MYP enters our 45th year.  So much good in this world has happened because of the MYP! I ask that if you have read this reflection, please write one of your own & send it to me (email, Facebook, letter) so I can share our stories over the next few months.  I will have plans to share with you about our 45th Anniversary celebration (probably Mass & some light refreshments). Please connect with the MYP this year—it would not be in existence if it wasn’t for you!!!

Peace & Love Always,