MYP Raise the Flag Day – November 15, 2019, at St. Kevin’s Church, Flushing, NY By Tom Leavens

The MYP hosted Raise the Flag Day on Friday, November 15, 2019, at St. Kevin’s Church in Flushing, NY. Teens were challenged to ‘raise the flag’ & discuss social justice for issues like addiction, religious intolerance, racism & poverty. Following Diana Roach’s talk on Catholic social teaching, the teens were paired to discuss how they personally encountered social injustice, either by witnessing or experiencing it themselves. After merging pairs with other pairs, a powerful large group discussion took place where stories were shared.  Next, the teens were instructed to read Psalm 88:12-18 & then write their own ‘angry’ prayer for an injustice in their own world. The evening concluded with a service that included a prayer by Archbishop Oscar Romero called, “The Long View.” The event was rectored by Jean Pedri & Cathy Bischoff Weinbaum. Team members were Dian DePaola, John Fodera, Eileen Haggerty, Kerin Carty-Kriegsman, Tom Leavens & Megan McComiskey. The photos were posters displayed on the walls for the teens to provide comments, as well as the celebration for Mary Leavens’s 19th Birthday! This was a great night of challenges & fellowship!