MYP PODCAST: Episodes 1-4


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It is risen!  After nearly a year, LARGE GROUP has returned.  We’ve hit the ground running – errr…  driving as we bring you into the car before and after this month’s MYP event–  A trip to the Catholic Underground in NYC.  What were we expecting?  How did it affect us?  Does Tommy think Gary is a diva?  All these questions and more, answered herein.

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LARGE GROUP Episode 1 – The Icebreaker (Duration: 19:54 ) Recorded on March 21, 2017

Welcome to LARGE GROUP.  The official podcast of the Module Youth Program.  For our first episode, Gary, Diana, and Tommy are discussing Lenten sacrifices.  What are they, do we do them, and where are the loopholes?  Find a seat, turn off your phone (unless that’s how you’re listening– then please leave it on) and settle in for LARGE GROUP.

LARGE GROUP Episode 2 – Faith Level: High (Duration: 34:38)

We’re back!  And in true Module fashion, we ran a little long…  HOWEVER, we think that you’ll enjoy this conversation about times when our faith level has been bumped way up.  Thanks for tuning in.

LARGE GROUP Episode 3 – The Great Escape (Duration: 36:12)

“Live, from Glen Cove…”  Okay, so not technically live.  But in this recording, we are talking about the MYP retreat.  Favorite moments, what it means, the why of it all.

Settle in.  The best Talks are always given on Retreat.