MYP MovieNight— January 27, 2023, at Holy Trinity Church in Whitestone, NY By Tom Leavens

On Friday, January 27, 2023, the MYP hosted their annual MovieNight event at Holy Trinity Church in Whitestone, NY. The event was rectored by Dina DePaola, who worked with Team members Eileen Haggerty, Kerin (Carty) Kriegsman, Mary Leavens, Tom Leavens, Jean Pedri & Diana Roach. We watched “The Mitchells vs. the Machines,” an animated film from 2021. It was about a family (the Mitchells) who are forced to save the world when it is taken over by electronic devices. The Mitchells need to accept each other & work together to overcome a robot invasion. The Team had watched several “Catholic themed” movies but chose this one for it’s family values, inspiration to work together , humor & excitement. And the teens really enjoyed & responded to it. Following the movie, the teens were invited to a large group discussion, sharing about their own families and the challenges they experience. The evening concluded with a prayer service that incorporated our MYP theme for this year and how technology can positively affect our lives: making stronger connections with each other; conscious of what we post & how it can be perceived by others; using the internet in productive ways; not to be tied down and waste our time on personal devices. After each petition, the teens were asked to respond together with, “Let us be stronger & encourage each other’s faith.” This annual event is always a high point to the MYP season, because the teens are challenged to look at their faith & their values—they get to look at watching a film with a different perspective. The movie snacks are a great bonus, also!