MYP MovieNight — January 27, 2017, at St. Andrew Avellino Church, Flushing, NY

MYP MovieNight, held at St. Andrew Avellino Church on Friday, January 27, 2017, was a special event in many ways.  First, it was our return to St. Andrew’s, one of the original parishes that hosted and supported the MYP for many years.  It was great to be back! Second, we had eighteen (18) teens join us for the event (one of our largest Days in a while). The night consisted of watching a movie, small group discussions & a closing Prayer Service. We watched, “Little Boy,” a great movie with strong Christian themes, particularly incorporating the Corporal Works of Mercy as a main focus.  Dina DePaola was the Rectora for the event, working with Team Members Gary McComiskey, Megan McComiskey, John Fodera, Tom Leavens, Diana Roach & Cathy Weinbaum. Jean Bena (who brought her daughter, Shannon) was a great support for the night—and we put her to work in a Small Group!  The concluding Prayer Service focused on Pope Francis’s recent letter to youth, telling them how important their role in the Church is.

Finally, the best part of the evening was the overall MYP spirit—the program continues to be a part of our teens spiritual journey. We offer tools for our teens to develop their understandings of themselves, others & God.  Some things never change!