MYP MovieNight at St. Andrew Avellino Church, Flushing, NY — Friday, January 26, 2018 By Tom Leavens

On Friday, January 26, 2018, the MYP hosted MovieNight at St. Andrew Avellino Church in Flushing, NY.  After a great Icebreaker activity with the teens (“Two Truths & a Lie”—lots of singing & laughing), we presented, “Field of Dreams.” Event Rector Dina DePaola loves this movie & thought the teens could really enjoy & benefit from it.  There are so many Catholic themes in it: family, forgiveness, redemption, love, support, etc. Many Team members were wiping the tears from their eyes (me, included).  A Large Group Discussion about the movie followed, and we ended the evening in prayer. 

The event was held in the cafeteria of St. Andrew’s, which brought back so many memories.  The MYP held so many Christmas Days there, = utilizing the ovens, the kitchen doorways to enter & exit for food, the sounds of running above our heads from the second floor gym, etc.  It was a great event for our veteran MYP members & we created new memories for our current teens!