MYP Movie Trip to See “Wonder” at Douglaston Movieworld Theater – November 17, 2017 By Tom Leavens

A few months ago, Nan Adams recommended that we take the MYP teens to see a new movie called, “Wonder.”  I was unfamiliar with the film & the book it’s based on, and our calendar is pretty full—so I wasn’t sure we could make it happen.  I often forget that God’s in charge—I was disappointed that the number of teens available for our November event was low—but it happened to be the same date as opening night for “Wonder.”  So we shifted gears and made the right choice.  This film is very powerful on many levels & hits on all of the things we hope to provide our teens at MYP events = getting a better understanding of who we are, looking at the people in our lives and trusting in God to take of us in all situations.  Both the Team Members & teens were very moved—and we all left the theater feeling better about the world we live in.  I highly recommend that you see it with people you love so you can share the great feelings from it!