MYP Leads Confirmation Service Project at Holy Trinity Church –Sunday, October 31, 2021 By Tom Leavens

The MYP had a unique opportunity to show teens what we do best! On Sunday, October 31, 2021, the team led an in-person event for Holy Trinity Church’s                 Confirmation candidates. Supplementing their scheduled service project (Candy Drive for Soldiers), the teens participated in an icebreaker, small group discussions, poster creations and a Prayer Service—all within an hour! The Team was Tom Leavens (Rector), Diana Roach, Cathy Bischoff Weinbaum, Jean Pedri & Eileen Haggerty. A few of our MYP teens attended as well. 

The icebreaker was a Merry-Go-Round where they met each other and shared personal answers to questions. The Small Group discussions focused on service (“What does it mean to so service?” In what ways do you see God in this service project? How do you think doing service changes you as a person?). Each group created a poster that expressed their answers. The event concluded with a Prayer Service based on Rebecca Barlow Jordan’s, “A Prayer for Strength.”

There were so many great results from this “speed dating-ish” event. It was great to meet and work with teens in-person. Teens were introduced to the MYP (and will hopefully join us at future events. Finally, the   meaning of service was discussed with the strengthening  of their relationships with God. We hope to continue this work with teens as opportunities come our way!