MYP GameNight – October 18, 2019, at St. Kevin’s Church, Flushing, NY By Tom Leavens

The MYP hosted its annual GameNight Event on Friday, October 18, 2019. It was held at St. Kevin’s Church in Flushing, NY. It was great for the MYP to be welcomed back there after so much time! The teens who attended the event were separated into two teams where they competed in games focused on Catholic saints/events/locations. They played variations of Pictionary, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud (renamed Faithful Feud) & Password. The Rector for the event was Tom Leavens and the Team that worked the event were John Fodera, Eileen Haggerty, Kerin Carty Kriegsman, Gary McComiskey, Megan McComiskey, Jean Bena Pedri, Diana Roach & Cathy Bischoff Weinbaum (Mary Leavens attended as well). The teens were amazing with their knowledge and their dazzling artistic abilities! Best of all (and in spite of some real competitiveness), there was a lot of fun and laughs—and what they didn’t know turned into some great lessons. The evening concluded with a Prayer Service focused on scripture passages & everyone saying, “God, help me to run the race that I have to run; with patience and with my eyes fixed on Jesus. Amen,” after each. This was a great follow-up to our Opening Day event, as well build toward our retreat in the Spring. Please continue to keep the work of the MYP in your prayers—you are in ours!