MYP GameNight – November 18, 2016, at St. Mel’s Church, Flushing, NY

On Friday, November 18, 2016, the MYP hosted GameNight at St. Mel’s Church.  Fourteen teens participated in popular games with Catholic themes: Wheel of Fortune, Pictionary, password & Mad Gab. The teems were paired off to work together to compete in each of these games. After a talk by Tom Leavens & a small group meeting, the night concluded with a Prayer Service. Gary McComiskey rectored the event, & was supported by team members Jennifer McComiskey, Megan McComiskey & Diana Roach.

The theme of the talk & discussion was, “Unity Among Division: We live in divisive times. By embracing the value of differing perspectives, we can build a harmonious world.” For the Prayer Service, the teens were asked to complete a petition slip reading, “Lord, help me to embrace unity by __________.” This event was fun & challenging for our teens, especially in terms of how our world is after the recent Presidential election.