MYP Faith Awareness Day – October 19, 2018, at Holy Trinity Church, Whitestone, NY By Tom Leavens

The MYP hosted Faith Awareness Day on Friday, October 19, 2018, at Holy Trinity Church in Whitestone, NY. The event was rectored by first-timers Jean Bena & Marilu Capobianco. Talks were given by Marilu & Megan McComiskey, and small groups were run by Jean, Cathy Bischoff Weinbaum, John Fodera & Kerin Carty Kriegsman. (Mary Leavens was a guest).

The teens were challenged with the topics on the human need & development of their Christian faith. They were provided with lists to reflect on their beliefs & current Christian life. Also, they were asked to present skits that showed examples of their faith. The evening concluded with a prayer service based on the Parable of the Mustard Seed.  They were asked to reflect on the people & areas in their lives that help their faith grow.

This Day is one of the classic, vintage MYP events. When planning it with the Team, memories of the contribution all previous team members came to mind. This was a beautiful reminder of the work that MYP continues to do for the last 45 years!!!