MYP Community Lenten Event — Good Friday, April 2, 2021, over Zoom Conferencing By Tom Leavens

On Good Friday, April 2, 2021, the MYP hosted a special event. At our March event, the teens and Team worked together to recreate the Stations of the Cross. They contributed images and songs that connected to each Station. Gary McComiskey tied everything together with the music and we presented those Stations over Zoom Conferencing. We extended the invitation to the entire MYP Community (as well as family & friends) to share in this special event.

Current Team Members were assigned specific Stations to lead, reading prayers & reflections. This led into the viewing of several different images that represented that Station. After the last image for that Station was shown, a portion of a contemporary song was played (with lyrics displayed) that captured the mood of it. At the conclusion of presentation, feedback was requested, followed by a concluding prayer.

The event was very powerful and left lasting images as we grew closer to Easter Sunday. We are grateful for all those who joined the call; the work that took place to make this happen, with special thanks to Eileen Haggerty for finding so many beautiful images & Gary McComiskey for the presentation over Zoom; but, specifically, we are grateful to the teens who accepted the challenge of examining the Passion of Jesus.