MYP 50th Anniversary Celebration— Let the Planning Begin! By Tom Leavens

As the MYP starts it’s 50th year of events for teens, we also start our planning of our Golden Anniversary! We are asking for help & suggestions in all aspects of this event. Currently, we’re looking for a location and date (targeted to follow the conclusion of the MYP 2022-2023 season). Please reach out to Tom Leavens or Diana Roach if you have any recommendations. We hope that the celebration will be well attended with former teens and team from each decade of the MYP. It will be a great way to reconnect & reminisce with each other. Our 10th, 25th,  30th, 35th, 40th & 45th Anniversary celebrations were great fun—and so necessary to acknowledge how this program has impacted thousands of teens’ personal growth, relationships with their families & others and, most importantly, their relationship with God. There is no other youth program with the MYP’s success & longevity. Please be a part of this tremendous event! We will keep you updated with this newsletter & on our Facebook page. Please help us make this celebration one to remember!