MYP 50th Anniversary Celebration —June 10, 2023 at Holy Trinity Church, Whitestone, NY By Tom Leavens

In last month’s newsletter, I wrote about the wonderful celebration of Mass that was    experienced at the MYP 50th Anniversary. For this newsletter, I want to focus on the party—a huge success in attendance & spirit! I know the photos of the event tell the great story—but I want to thank EVERYONE for making this event happen. There was a lot of trust that the invitation would be delivered  – and the response was unbelievable. But the   evening would not have happened without the planning and care of Diana Roach. Food/catering, audio/video, schedule, decorations—everything experienced that evening was because of Diana. We appreciate her dedication & love for the MYP so much—that’s why we got to 50 years! There are others who need to be thanked as well—and I will highlight them in this issue. Enjoy!















(Photos from the Celebration can be found on page 3)