MYP 45th Anniversary Celebration Words by Joe Roach

Irene & Joe Roach were asked to say a few words at the MYP 45th Anniversary Celebration.  Irene shared stories about two MYP teens  from memory, as well as what the program means to her.  Here is what Joe shared with the group:

I am Joe Roach.  I come from 1971 when the Bishop of  Brooklyn gave a group of Xaverian brothers 2 years to set up adult and youth programs to introduce God jointly to all  9 Flushing parishes…and it worked.

By 1973, Flushing parishes had funded several interparish groups. One was a committee of adults and youth to operate the Flushing Module Youth Program.

Our first “day’ was May 6, 1973 at St Michael’s, downtown Flushing, ending with a great Mass.  Many adults and youths became more friendly with God that day.  Since then, every one of our weekend retreats has ended with teens and adults singing together, “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Today, we are celebrating the extraordinary fact that for 45 years God remains friends with the good people in this program.  EXTRAORDINARY……SUPERNATURAL…….MYSTERIOUS, INEFFABLE……but a FACT is that God is still friending us.

Many changes for us  in Northeast Queens since 1973

In 1973, this is what was called a phone [showed dial phone].  The 1st ever cell phone call was actually April 1973—month before our 1st Day.

Many things were changing the year MYP began:  Roe v. Wade permits abortion, the Vietnam War ends, Watergate hearings against Pres Nixon begin, World Trade Center opens

Some surprises in 1973:   NY Knicks NBA champs over Lakers (May), NY Mets in World Series lose to Oakland (Oct)

Some things have vanished since then:  the original World Trade Center, the Cold War & the Soviet Union, Walkman, 8 track or videotapes, you can add many even if you are still a teen–  ITunes next month for instance..

AND Most of the things you think are NECESSARY TODAY did not exist yet: email, iPhones, Twitter, the Internet, home computers or iPads, CDs, music videos, social media, DVDs, Google, Wi Fi, Apple, Microsoft, Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, car airbags and seatbelt laws, Fed Ex, penne w. vodka sauce, Bluetooth (what is that?)

Today we celebrate a FEW THINGS STILL THE SAME for the Module Youth Program of Northeast Queens:

  1.  Youth and adults working/praying together as partners is our way of keeping God friendly in the future
  2. The best prayer for adults and youth to share is the Mass
  3. God is friending us every day; we can promise to remember “You’ve Got a Friend” and friend Him back every day.