MYP 30th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday afternoon, June 22 at St. Mel’s Church in Flushing, the Module Youth Program celebrated its 30th Anniversary.

MYP Spiritual Director Father Tony celebrated the liturgy and at the gathering in Fr. O’Malley Hall (aka, St. Mel’s Church basement) presentations by MYP Alumni and current Team Members Diana R (87) and Gary McC (98 ) and a 30-minute slide show exploring and celebrating the 30 years of the MYP brought back some wonderful memories of our times in the Module.

The Mass incorporated past and present MYP teens and team. Phil B. (82), Lauren N. (89), Meg H. (04) and Chris U. (04) shared the lectoring responsibilities. Sue and Steve P. (76) and their family including David (98), Nicole (03), Jonathan (05) and Justin (07) presented the Offertory Gifts. Sheila G. (Team), Joe & Irene R. (Team), and Sheila F. (80) assisted as Eucharistic ministers, and Bonnie DeS. (81), Doris I. (79), Maureen S. (79), Meghan McC. (02) and Teresa M. (Team) lent their glorious voices as our leaders of song. During the Lord’s Prayer Father Tony invited the young children of the attendees to stand in a circle in front of the altar and introduced them as the Module of Tomorrow. If these children hadn’t ever experienced holding hands with the person next to them during the “Our Father” then the Module Kiss of Peace must have been quite unique for them as well.

Following the liturgy we gathered in Fr. O’Malley Hall where we were invited one more time to “sign in, fill out a name tag and make a ‘guess’ for a chance to win a container of M&M’s.” Joe L. (05) helped to make sure that the sign in area ran smoothly.

With enough cake to raise one’s blood sugar to a dangerous level old friends had the chance to catch up with one another. Once everyone was settled in Doris formally welcomed the group and introduced Gary and Diana who offered their reflections on the Module. They did a marvelous job sharing their memories and insights.

The “slide” show (which was a combination of slides, pictures, and music) was created by Doris and Ralph I. with the help of many who submitted their slides and photos.

Many thanks should go to those who helped with the event from beginning to end:

Doris I., Danielle C., Maureen S., Irene R., Mary B., PJ M., Gary McC., Ralph I., John F., Joe R., Tommy & Kathy L., Mike F., Cathy B., Ronnie S., Alysoun R., Franny F., Lorraine K., Laura, Kayla, Jack & Lydia, Chris U., and Dominic R., and to all who helped in cleaning up after the event…thank you!!

“It was great to be a part of the 30th Anniversary Celebration. The Mass was beautifully planned and kept all the elements of our MYP Day masses. It was great to see so many people from the past and catch up on life since the MYP. For me, it was a great reminder of how so many people touched my life through the MYP. The slide show was particularly touching because it showed people brought together because of their faith – times of great laughter and entertainment and spirituality. The 30th Anniversary strengthened my commitment in a program that brings great things to the lives of teens. Every year that the MYP is in existence is a celebration! Thank you to all who shared a part of their life with me in the MYP!”

Tommy L.

 In Attendance:

Joe & Irene R.
Kathy A.
Peggy B.
Laurie C.
John F.
Kevin F.
Sheila G.
Tom L. (& Kathy)
Sue & Steve P.
Lorraine K.
Maureen C.
Doris F.
Sheila F.
Eddie H.
Tom & Karen H.
Bonnie DeS.
Gabrielle & Tommy H.
Kathy L. (& Tom)
Phil & Michelle B.
Franny F.
Eileen H.
Chris R.
Cathy B-W.
Alysoun R.
Diana R.
Lauren N.
Mike T.
Annette A.
Andrea D.
Dani Marie R.
Katherine R.
Diana E.
Melissa S.
Chris O’T.
Gary McC.
David P.
Sassha G.
Marisa P.
Katie B.
Meghan McC.
Nicole P.
Meg H.
Chris U.
Joe L.
Jonathan P.
Jimmy A.
(No date needed!)
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