McGinn’s McIntersection: THE WAR AT HOME

Hello, I’m Thomas McGinn and this is my McIntersection.  I move fast, so try not to get hit.  And don’t confuse me with that namby-pamby so-and-so Gary McComiskey.  That guy’s a hack.  Besides, what kind of wild narcissist would write two articles for one newsletter?  Anyway, I’ll be your war                correspondent for this month.  Which war, you may ask?  The only front that matters.  The War on     Christmas.  Ho ho hold on to something.

Each year at this time, we are told that there is a war being waged on Christmas.  That saying     Happy Holidays is some kind of affront to our way of life.  The implication being that Christmas is the only holiday that matters, and that by acknowledging that there are non-Christians who might not be        celebrating Christmas, we are “giving in”.  Giving in to what?  Logic?  Christmas is pretty much the biggest holiday in the world.  The entire premise is ridiculous.

The American President claims that he has somehow made it safe to say Merry Christmas again.  I can vouch only for myself, but I have been saying Merry Christmas every year since I could speak.  I have never, in my life, been in a situation where I have wanted to say Merry Christmas but felt like I couldn’t.  I have, on occasion, chosen not to say it, because I don’t assume that every person I meet believes the same things that I do.  Nor should they.  That is courtesy, not tyranny.  If someone wished me Happy Chanukah, I would smile and wish them one in return.  It does not offend me.  I know what they are really saying is “Please enjoy this time of year, which so many love so much.”  Happy Holidays is just a catch-all.

Moreover, that kind of narrow scope belies what it is to be Catholic.  Other sects of Christianity notwithstanding, the word “Catholic” means universal.  All-accepting.  It’s an open door.  To shun other religions is to contradict Catholicism, itself.  To say nothing of how christening this a “war” insults people all over the world, of every faith, who suffer actual persecution for their beliefs.  This is not a majority   persecuting a minority.  It isn’t even a minority persecuting a majority.  This is a majority being offended that there is a minority.  Throwing a tantrum because some people have the nerve to be different from them.  How dare they?

There are Christians living in countries where the penalty for that belief is death.  Thank God this is not one of them.  But the next time you want to tell someone what they can and can’t celebrate, please think about what company that puts you in.

That’s going to do it for the inaugural McGinn’s McIntersection.  I’ve said my peace.  Merry Christmas.  Now go play in traffic.