By Rosie S:

Hi Everyone!

I was online and thought about the March Day and concupiscence…The deeper meaning of the word…. I found a few different ones…The last one is what relates to Ben’s wonderful talk on Respect Day. Check them out!


The propensity of human nature to actual sin as a result of the
original sin, which darkened our intellects and weakened our wills.

Specifically, concupiscence is the spontaneous movement of our sensual
appetite toward what we imagine as pleasant and away from what we
imagine as painful.

Concupiscence of the eyes is an unreasonable desire to see, hear, and
know what is harmful to our virtue, inconsistent with our state in
life, or detrimental to our higher duties. An example would be the
desire to accumulate material possessions irrespective of the means
employed, satisfy our ambitions, or nurture our pride.

Concupiscence of the flesh is inordinate when sensual pleasure is
desired as an end to itself apart from its divinely intended purpose:
to facilitate our practice of virtue and satisfy our legitimate desires.

*I thought this would add to what we were talking about!!! Enjoy!