Coffeehouse bios


Kerin is a former Teen in the program and now one of the Module’s most enthusiastic Team Members.  A teacher in her everyday life, Kerin is in her ninth year of ministering to MYP teenagers.


Diana literally grew up with the Module.  Scion of the legendary Roach clan, Diana has spent many a year telling our impressionable Teens stories of her misspent youth and horrifying her mother.  A Showtime producer in her everyday life, it falls to Diana to bring the Module in on time, on task, and under budget.


Jennifer has been on the Team for thirteen years.  She also is a Catholic school teacher.  She spends every free minute that she has with her beautiful daughter Julia.


Dina has been on the Team for over fifteen years.  She  has been working and performing at the Coffeehouse for about as long.  Be nice to her.  She governs your menu.


Ben ( a stay-at-home curmudgeon in his real life) is the Module’s resident Lighting guru, and the proud father of two former MYP Teens.  He has only missed one Coffeehouse due to illness.


John is one of our most senior Team Members.  He has been putting Teens both new and old at ease for more years than he would care to admit.  John can always be counted on for a relevant scripture passage, an insightful remark, or a warm smile.  (And often all three.)  He is also to thank for most of the food served tonight.


Gary wears many hats in the MYP (all of which give him hat hair.)  A Team Member since 2001, Gary handles most of the Audio/Visual concerns for the Module  and likes to embarrass himself at the Coffeehouse.  He is married to Team Member Jennifer and their daughter will hopefully join up in about 6 years.


Megan tolerates students at Queens College and hates singing in front of people.  An MYP Teen and Team Member for many years, she tries to combine a deep spirituality with great enthusiasm to benefit our Teens.


Tommy is one of our Administrative Rectors, a Coffeehouse ham, and the glue that holds the Module together.  (Well, God is probably the glue.  Tommy is more like the rubber band that keeps the pages from falling out.  Nevertheless…)  He has seen four children through the MYP.  Also, he likes Madonna A LOT.


Irene started the MYP 44 years ago with her husband, Joe.  Each of her three children have performed at the Coffeehouse over the years, two regularly (including tonight.)  A social worker with a heart of gold, Irene still serves as the spiritual center for our group.


Cathy has been on the Team for over 15 years and is responsible for all of the pretty things that you can see around you.  She is also partly responsible for the MYP Band, as her husband, Marty, is the bandleader.


Jean joined our Team last year and hasn’t looked back.  A teacher in her everyday life, as well as MYP Parent, Jean brings a valuable insight on teenagers to our group.