Writing from the Heart

By Rosie S.

Ever since I was a young child, my family always encouraged going to Church and making time for God in my life. I was never allowed to miss mass on the weekends. I chose to join the teen choir in my parish so I could stay active in the Church. Now I am 23 and teach religious education to a wonderful group of 6th graders each week. 

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Accountability By Tom Leavens

By Tommy L.

Recently, for the first time in my life, I was called for Jury Duty. The assignment brought me feelings of dread and tidbits of advise from family and friends. The dread consisted of my concerns of boredom, patience with the system, and thoughts of who I would be stuck with for the duration. The advise consisted of ways to get out of Jury Duty (mostly how best to stretch the truth so they wouldn’t choose me). 

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By Rosie S:

Hi Everyone!

I was online and thought about the March Day and concupiscence…The deeper meaning of the word…. I found a few different ones…The last one is what relates to Ben’s wonderful talk on Respect Day. Check them out!

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