A New MYP Season Has Begun— SEND US YOUR TEENS! By Tom Leavens

The MYP is about to start their 44th Season. That is unheard of in Youth Ministry, as many of you know within your own parishes. The MYP continues to do what it always has done = present Catholic themes to young people that will, hopefully, help them to strengthen their relationships with God,  challenge them to be better people & develop the relationships in their lives. Countless numbers of teens have attended our Days & experienced this. So please SEND US YOUR TEENS! If you an MYP teen, why not send your own teens? If you were on the MYP Team, why not encourage family members & young people in your parishes? We need prayers but we need teens to keep the MYP  alive. Your suggestions are great but spread the word.  Let young people in your lives that ‘they’ve got a friend’ at the  MYP.  Please spread & share the word!!!