A New MYP Season Begins & God Keeps Us Strong & Together By Tom Leavens

The MYP is  ready to start up it’s 48th season in a world very different than we have ever known. Anyone who avoided technology in the past is now forced to embrace it in some way. With masks on our faces, we need to show smiles & support with our eyes and body language. No hugging or shaking hands (or holding hands in prayer) without permission. I find that I need to preface a lot of what I had normally done with, “Is it ok?” or “Whatever you’re comfortable with.” I guess that same approach is what we’ll need to take as we start this MYP season.

The Team does not want to miss a beat with our teens. But we need to keep them interested &, hopefully, inspired to develop a friendship with God that will be with them for the rest of their lives. For now, we can’t meet together in person—so we rely on technologies like Zoom. Talks are easy over video and we create icebreakers and activities that strengthen our event themes.  The MYP has always been a place of creativity and thinking outside the box—so we continue to do that more than ever.  We stay strong & together, keeping in mind that it is—and has always been—God that keeps the MYP going!

As a Team, we have started our preparations for Opening Day—and we approach it with newness. We remember Opening Day events of the past: loud & crowded Church basements where the Team reminded everyone to sign the Sign In Book; to put your jackets on a huge table & bring your lunch & snacks to the kitchen. Get your name tag on & remember to wear it all day (and take it off when you leave).  Be hopeful that you get assigned to a fun committee (like lunch committee). Lookout for the Team to act silly & energized—and look forward the MYP Mass with posters we created, singing songs we like and being arm & arm to end with, “City Of God.” It will be very different this year BUT we will be together. We will remind each other of a God that loves us and brings us together as a family. I am always thankful of those MYP legends that got me here to this place today —so I am not afraid because, as always, “I’ve Got A Friend.” Please keep the MYP in your prayers—you remain in ours!