A Lenten Reflection By Diana Roach

When I ‘give up something for Lent’…. I try to make sure it really is a sacrifice…like Jesus’ time in the desert…but not as difficult.  For the past 3 years, I have given up alcohol.   In year’s past I found this to be a good Lenten observation, when coupled with ‘doing something’ for Lent as well.  And when Easter has arrived I have felt prepared and happy with my Lent.

Along with giving up alcohol this year, I tried to compliment one person a day, or do a random act of kindness each day.  To be honest, I was not that successful with this…at least not as a daily as it should have been.  I also tried to read a Daily Lenten reflection each morning at breakfast…I was good about 15 days out of 40. 

This year it was different.  I did not feel as if my Lenten observations were sufficient…or have prepared me well for Easter.  Giving up alcohol this year was much easier in year’s past…so maybe this was not as much as a sacrifice as it should be.  I also was not fully committed to the random acts of kindness…and I didn’t do my daily reflection daily.  Therefore, I don’t feel like I have ‘prepared’ well enough for Easter.  Which is disappointing.  But the one good thing is that this has me looking forward to next year to try again…to be better. 

And isn’t that what Lent is all about really …to try to be better…to pray…to fast…to give alms.

In each of these categories we are asked to be mindful of others, to simplify our lives, to help others in need.  All of these make us better…make us more like Jesus.   And that is all we are trying to do during Lent…to remember that prayer is an important way to solidify our relationship with Jesus…that fasting reminds of Jesus’ sacrifice as well as those who’s burdens are much more substantial than our own. And to be charitable …with our treasure or our time.  To give to those less fortunate that us.

So maybe my Lent was good enough?  Because I am already thinking about how to be better?

I hope so.  Prepared or not Easter is on it’s way and I will wake up Sunday morning joyous that Jesus rose from the dead so that we could know what love is. 

Have a blessed Easter.  Alleluia!