2021-2022 MYP SEASON: LET’S GO! By Tom Leavens

The start of the MYP season is upon us! The world is such a   different place from when I started my first year as an MYP Team Member. I was invited to join the team as I was entering my senior year of college. I remember my first General Meeting at the Roach house, meeting everyone for the first time and being told what was expected of me. What was I thinking when I joined this crew? Whatever I was thinking, I was hooked and now I am part of a team starting our 38th season! We still face the                challenges of being together physically, recruiting new teens and getting the message to our young people that their faith is important = your faith needs to grow, and that the MYP wants to be a part of your journey. “You’ve Got a Friend” will never be too dated for the MYP and we’ll continue to bring that message to our teens.

I’m asking for help in so many ways. First, please keep the MYP in your prayers. Second, please support what we’re  doing—tell people with teens about the MYP and direct them to us. Tell us where we can bring the invitation, like parish youth groups and Catholic Academies (all connections help). And, lastly, stay connected to the MYP Community so we can continue to be present to each other.

I love the theme that we decided on for this 38th season. It calls out to me in great ways: RISE UP! THIS MATTER IS IN MY HANDS! I AM SUPPORTED! TAKE COURAGE AND DO IT! LET’S GO (I added that one myself)! Please rally with me and keep the MYP strong and alive—and LET’S KEEP GOD IN IT!